These are the Intellectual Property Law and Corporate Law services that my firm provides:

Corporate Formation

We will conduct a search and advise you as to whether your proposed corporate name is also available as a domain name.

We will advise you as to which domain names you should register to protect yourself against cybersquatting.

We will conduct a trademark search to determine if your proposed corporate name is available for your use as a trademark and is registrable with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, thus offering you national protection for that name.

We can incorporate your entity in Illinois as a corporation or form it as a limited liability company as well as advise you as to which entity form best meets your needs.

Internet Services

We can prepare the necessary language for your website to protect you against potential liability, set forth terms of use and provide your customers and clients with the necessary privacy policy language.

Where appropriate, we can assist you to register your domain names with the Library of Congress, thereby providing you with additional protection against potential infringement claims.

If an infringement problem does arise, we can take action against the infringer to stop those infringing activities as well as defend you against claims of infringement arising from your adoption and use of your domain name.

Trademark Services

We can assist you in the creation of strong brand names and logos to offer you the broadest protection for your corporate, product and service names and logos, including conducting searches to ensure that those names and logos are available for your use and registration as trademarks and service marks.

We can register your corporate and product names, including your logos and trade dress, as appropriate and necessary to provide you with nationwide protection for those names, logos and trade dress as well as register those names and logos abroad, if necessary, to protect your names and logos against foreign infringement.

We can maintain your existing portfolio of registered and applied-for service marks and trademarks.

We can take action against potential infringers of your marks as well as defend you against claims of infringement, including trademark, service mark and trade dress infringement.

Trade Secret Services

We can create a plan to ensure that your vital corporate information, including marketing plans, product development plans, supplier and customer information, formulas, data, etc. are kept confidential and protectible as trade secrets.

To do this, we can provide you with the necessary Employment Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, etc. to protect that information and ensure that you have a legal remedy if that information falls into the wrong hands.

Copyright Services

We can register your computer software, writings, musical compositions, art, photographs and product designs, to the extent that U.S. law may protect the latter, with the U.S. Copyright Office so as to provide you with the right to sue for infringement of these works should infringements occur.

We can defend you against claims of copyright infringement of such works as well as assert such claims as necessary to protect your rights.

Working with Patent Counsel, we can assist you to determine how you may best protect your products, designs, and formulations against infringement through either copyright, patent or trademark protection.

Other Legal Services

We can prepare by-laws for your newly-formed corporation or an operating agreement for your limited liability company.

Should you decide to sell your business, we can prepare both asset and stock purchase agreements, where appropriate to effectuate said sale.

As noted above, we can prepare a wide range of business agreements for your use, including but not limited to Employment Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Operating Agreements, License Agreements, Manufacturing Agreements, Vendor Agreements, Internet Provider Agreements, Supplier Agreements, Model Releases, Settlement Agreements, etc.


The material on this website is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal advice and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. If you have questions regarding any material presented herein, we recommend that you consult an attorney. This web site and information presented herein were designed in accordance with Illinois law. Any content in conflict with the laws or ethical code of attorney conduct of any other jurisdiction is unintentional and void. I am a Chicago attorney practicing in the areas of trademark, copyright and information technology law as well as general corporate law. Formerly a trademark examining attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, I have been in private practice since 1987 representing clients in a wide variety of industries, including the consumer products, financial services, information technology and entertainment industries. You can contact me at, by phone at 773.934.5855 or by mail at 417 S. Jefferson St., #304, Chicago, IL 60607 USA
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